Why AngularJS?

Generally HTML used to declaring static content but it stagger when declaring dynamic views in web-applications. With the help of AngularJS you can extend HTML DOM in your application. AngularJS helps you to organize your JavaScript codebase. AngularJS extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

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Angular 2

Start to learn Angular 2 it's One framework for Mobile & desktop, Speed & Performance, mobility and Mobile Driven

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Angular 1 Setup

Angular 1 setup a local development in your working environment. Take a look at the all steps needed to set up a test-driven Angular 1 project

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The main role of controllers in AngularJS is to expose data to our view via $scope (glue between controller and view) and to add functions...

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Interview Q & A

Lighting up your knowledge with AngularJS Interview Question and Answers with good visuals. Also improve your knowledge with Anguar 1.x


Conceptual Overview of AngularJS

If you are thinking of developing a rich and complex web application. Then you can think about AngularJS. Take tour for the Conceptual Overview

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Need to know

Before going ahead with AngularJS framework you need to have good hands on knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It's icing on cake, if you are aware of Automated Testing, BDD - Behaviour Driven Development and TDD - Test Driven Development methodology. It's not mandatory to have a knowledge of jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, JAVA languages, etc and database.

Build SPA (Single Page Application) with AngularJS

AngularJS is the best frameworks to develop Single Page Applications (SPA). SPA are More Faster, More Responsive and Rich Web Page Applications. No more page refreshing with SPA. AngularJS is an MVC (Model, View and Control)

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Why you have to choose AngularJS

AngularJS is a modern JavaScript Framework by Google which is used to build highly interactive (SPA) Single Page Applications. It is an open source JS framework that performs the DOM manipulation and integrates all the essential features offered by the directive. Not last but least you can find lots of help from different AngularJS forum groups.

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I am AnglarJS

Conceptual Overview Of AngularJS